About iCSDB

 iCSDB is an integrated database of CRISPR-CAS9 screening experiments for human cell lines. We compiled two major sources of CRISPR-CAS9 screening - DepMap portal and BioGRID ORCS. DepMap portal itself is an integrated database to include three large-scale projects of CRISPR screening (DepMap, Sanger, and GeCKO). Additionally, we aggregated CRISPR-CAS9 screens from BioGRID ORCS that collected CRISPR screening results from PubMed articles. Clinical and molecular information was integrated to help users select cell lines of interest readily.
We also implemented a variety of interactive tools and viewers to facilitate users to assess the knock-out efficiency of guide RNAs.


  • iCSDB: an integrated database of CRISPR screens

    Ahyoung Choi, Insu Jang, Heewon Han, Min-Seo Kim, Jinhyuk Choi, Jieun Lee, Sung-Yup Cho, Yukyung Jun, Charles Lee, Jaesang Kim, Byungwook Lee, Sanghyuk Lee

    Nucleic Acids Research, gkaa989, https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkaa989
    Published: 02 November 2020