Korea Bioinformation Center (KOBIC)

National center for biological research resources and information


Korea BioData Station(K-BDS) and KoNA

K-BDS is a data repository for collecting, sharing, and utilizing biological data generated from government-funded R&D projects. As part of K-BDS, KoNA is a web-based system for collection and sharing of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. For the submitted and published data, K-BDS certifies them issuing the unique accession number.



Bio-Express is a cloud service that provides computational infrastructure and analysis pipeline for the analysis of large-scale genome data. Bio-Express is composed two main systems, CLOSHA and GBox. CLOSHA is a platform for designing analysis pipeline and performing high-speed analysis based on big data computing framework(Hadoop). Gbox provides bi-directional data transfer with high transfer speed for large-scale data.


COVID-19 Research Information Portal

COVID-19 Research Information Portal is a system that provides integrative information on COVID-19 research including genome sequence, protein sequence and structure, variant information, publication, and research news on COVID-19.

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KOBIC attended the 12th Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) Board Meeting

2023. 3. 27.


KOBIC attended the 12th Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) Board Meeting during March 27-28 as a representative of the Korea National Research Foundation (NRF).
This meeting was held in Human Frontier Science Program Secritariat Headquaters in Strasbourg, France.
A total of 24 people from seven board member organizations, six observer member organizations, three guest organizations, and the secretariat attended the meeting.
The GBC is a forum for funders with an aim of fostering global biodata resources by sharing strategies to ensure sustainable financial support for the resources. KOBIC and NRF jonied the GBC in 2022 as an observer member whose term is for two years.


Link: GBC homepage

The 19th ABC (Asian Bioinformatics Consortium) Symposium was held on-line

2022. 12. 9.


The 19th ABC (Asian Bioinformatics Consortium) Symposium was held on-line. This symposium has been held every year since 2002 to foster collaboration between Korea, Japan and China. Each country's representative bioinformatics institutes are hosting this symposium: KOBIC from Korea, DDBJ from Japan, and NGDC (since 2021) and SCBIT (2006-2019) from China.


Link: Webpage for the 19th ABC Symposium

DDBJ curators visited KOBIC

2022. 12. 6.



Two DDBJ curators visited KOBIC. During their stay, they introduced DDBJ's data submission systems, gave a training session for data curation, and had a discussion session toward further collaboration between KOBIC and DDBJ.


Link: DDBJ homepage

KOBIC visited DDBJ in Japan

2022. 10. 6.


KOBIC visited DNA Databank of Japan (DDBJ) to share current status of each center and to discuss how to strengthen collaboration. DDBJ, located in Mishima, belongs to the National Institute of Genetics (NIG) in Japan, and is a member of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC). KOBIC has been collaborating for a long time, such as joint hosting of Asian Bioinformatics Consortium (ABC) Symposium since 2002, sharing of patented sequence data since 2004, and signing of MOU in 2021.


Link: DDBJ homepage

KOBIC began participating to the Global Biodata Coalition (GBC)

2022. 9. 27.


KOBIC began participating to the Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) as a representative of the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), by attending the 10th GBC Board Meeting that were held online in September 27, 2022. The GBC is a forum for funders with an aim of fostering global biodata resources by sharing strategies to ensure sustainable financial support for the resources. KOBIC and NRF jonied the GBC as an observer member whose term is for two years.


Link: GBC homepage